Credit Card Tips (Do’s & Don’t)

Basic Tips for Credit Cardholders, we have comprised many do’s and don’t instructions to make a better living with the credit card. Customers have to be aware of the charges.


Do’s & Don’t when you hold credit card

Before this, kindly make use of the Credit card account access portal to manage the credit card online anytime. Quickly register and activate the issued card at to complete the registration. Then login to the cardmember service using the account credential.

Quick Tips on What you should DO IT IMMEDIATELY.

  • In the back side of the card, customers have to sign on the card. Kindly sign in the back of the card.
  • Shred your credit card statements and receipts if throwing them away.
  • Keep watch of your card when handing it over for a transaction.
  • Destroy an carbon copy receipts.
  • Check through your statements for any amounts that don’t match your receipts or you don’t recall purchasing.
  • Do report your card as lost as soon as it you think it may have gone missing.
  • Do keep a note of your card number for emergencies.
  • Do try and change the first/last number so only you can tell the correct number it should be (for example always add 2 to the first and last number, this is easy to remember but hard for anyone else reading it to realise).
  • Notify your card issuer in advance of any change of address.
  • If you think you may be running into trouble with your finances tell your card issuer as soon as possible to minimise any problems that may arise. Your credit card company will work out an arrangement with you and this could avoid you being labelled as a bad creditor.

Customers can get in touch with the myaccountaccess support center to know more about the online service.

Never ignore the Don’t Trick to be safer.

  • Don’t sign any slip that doesn’t include full details of your transaction.
  • Don’t leave your credit  card where it can be accessed by others.
  • Don’t record your card number in the same place you record your pin number.
  • Don’t worry about reporting your card lost because you might look silly if your find it around the house / apartment.
  • Don’t think the minimum monthly payment is the  recommended amount, pay as much as you can to avoid mounting interest charges. Refer to the login through the online portal.
  • Never lend your card to anyone.
  • Don’t cancel a credit card unless its fully paid off or you may find future card issuers charging you a premium.

Additional Tips when using Card on Travel or Abroad.

Make sure you are aware of the cost of spending abroad with your card. This is not a free service by any means and it’s quite normal for a charge of around 2.75% to be added to your statement for that foreign purchase. Check your terms and conditions under the summary box for your brand.

It will come under the section for non-sterling transactions or foreign transactions. Remember at 2.75% that £60 worth of cigarettes becomes £61.65. Billions of pounds are spent on plastic abroad each year and that’s quite a little supplement for the companies on top.

Also, the official website of the Elan credit card application is

Thinking of taking out PPI (payment protection cover)? Make sure you understand fully what you are covered for since like any bother insurance policy cover differs between policies and companies.

The only way to be totally sure of what you are covered for in the invent that you cannot meet your payments due to say loss of employment is to have the full policy.

It is not uncommon that the policyholder receives only a summary of cover. This is not sufficient. Make sure you have a copy of the full policy.

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